ANN: shpaml 0.94b

Steve Howell showell30 at
Mon Jan 18 16:46:00 CET 2010

Hi everybody, I would like to announce the latest version of shpaml,
which is an indentation-based markup language similar to haml, but

Shpaml allows you to author HTML-like content with an indentation-
based syntax that eliminates the need to write and read close tags and
angle brackets.  It also has haml-like syntax for specifying divs,
classes, and ids, which also makes your documents easier to read,
particularly when you are also using CSS and jQuery-like tools.
Finally, it is very transparent with respect to HTML semantics, as
well as letting most HTML syntax pass through as needed.

It is probably best understood by simply looking at a few examples:

There is also a tutorial, and you can try out your own examples there,
so need to download the software if you just want to poke around a

If you do decide to download it, it is a pretty small module at 225
lines or so:

The project is about two months old now, and it is being actively
maintained.   We have a mailing list, users submitting patches, all
that good stuff.

I am labelling the current version as "beta," but it has been well
tested on over a thousand lines of markup.



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