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> Should there be a problem installing PyQwt5.2.0 with PyQt4.4.4 and
> Python2.6 on Windows?  My student is saying she can't get the Windows
> installer to work, and she points out that the download site says "Binary
> installation of PyQwt-5.2.0 on Windows for Python-2.6.x, PyQt-4.5.4"
> --

It's a sad day when the professor can't google.


Windows Binary Installer
Make sure that you have installed:

before installing PyQwt5.2.0-Python2.6-PyQt4.5.4-NumPy1.3.0-1.exe.

So I would say, yes, they are probably not compatible. The PyQt4.5 brought
many changes from 4.4.
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