Is HTML report of tests run using PyUnit (unittest) possible?

Phlip phlip2005 at
Tue Jan 19 17:58:21 CET 2010

On Jan 19, 3:16 am, fossist <foss... at> wrote:

> I am using PyUnit (unittest module) for loading test cases from our
> modules and executing them. Is it possible to export the test results
> as HTML report? Currently the results appear as text on standard
> output while the tests execute. But is there something out of the box
> available in PyUnit to make this possible?

django-test-extensions can do this, but I'm unaware how well it works
without Django. (And I _could_ complain that it comes with one or two
irritations _with_ Django;)

I would download it and read its source to see how the --xml option

(Then you'd use a XSL filter to rip the XML into HTML...)


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