installing psycopg2-2.0.13 with python3.1

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py2 at
Thu Jan 21 01:11:49 CET 2010

En Wed, 20 Jan 2010 19:45:44 -0300, Iain Barnett <iainspeed at>  

> Would anyone know if it's possible to install psycopg2-2.0.13 with  
> python3.1.1 (or similar)?I can install it with python2.6 with no  
> problems, but obviously I'd prefer to use the latest version. My system  
> is OSX10.6, and I'm new to Python.

If you're new to Python, perhaps it's better to stay with the 2.6 version.

Python 3.x introduced some incompatible changes in the language; not all  
third-party packages are available for Python 3.x yet. Regarding psycopg2,  
although some work has been done [1], there is no "official" release  
compatible with Python 3 yet.

If you insist on using Python 3.1, there is another interface to  
PostgreSQL called pg8000 that claims to be Python 3.x compatible (I've not  
actually tested it).


Gabriel Genellina

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