Python and Tkinter Programming by John Grayson

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Fri Jan 22 02:18:23 CET 2010

Peter wrote:
> On Jan 15, 9:12 am, Kevin Walzer <k... at> wrote:
>>> On Jan 15, 6:24 am, Mark Roseman<m... at>  wrote:
>>>>   Peter<peter.milli... at>  wrote:
>>>>> Besides, the book is mainly about using Python with Tkinter - and
>>>>> Tkinter hasn't changed that much since 2000, so I believe it is just
>>>>> as relevant today as it was back then.

>>>> I'd say that Tkinter has substantially changed - with the introduction
>>>> of the 'ttk' themed widgets.  I cover these in my tutorial at

>> Another book I've found very helpful for learning Tkinter is Programming
>> Python by Mark Lutz--a lot of coverage there of GUI development.
> Another possible consideration when choosing a GUI to learn Python -
> will you want to print from within your GUI application? 

Excellent point.

Many thanks to all who responded, especially for the reminder of the gui 
sections in Programming Python (forgot I had that book!).  I'll start by 
going over that again, and we'll see how confident I feel afterwards.  ;)


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