py2exe deal with python command line inside a program

im_smialing susan_kijiji at
Sat Jan 23 17:33:42 CET 2010

On Jan 22, 2:35 pm, susan_kij... at wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to create a python subprogress, like this:
> myProcess = subprocess.Popen([sys.executable, 'C:\'],
>                                        env=env, stdin=subprocess.PIPE,
>                                        stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
> sys.executable was printed out as ''C:\\Python25\\python.exe'', how
> can I make this work in executable package through py2exe?
> I have to fix the following problems:
> -Source code shouldn't exposed in an executable program
> -Since python  environment is not required when running an executable
> program, how to deal with the situation that "C:\\Python25\
> \python.exe" is required as part of command?
> Thanks in advance!

Anyone can help? The problem took me two days and still no solutions

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