list.pop(0) vs. collections.dequeue

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>>>I know Python's number one concern will never be speed, but if Python
>>>makes an O(1) operation into an unnecessarily O(N) operation for no
>>>good reasons other than "it's too complicated, " or it "adds another
>>>pointer to the structure," or "it adds another conditional check to
>>>list_ass_slice for operations that aren't popping off the top," I
>>>think it's reasonable to challenge the design philosophy.
>> "Rough consensus and running code."
>> You have a good point, but nobody will ever give your idea serious
>> attention until there's a patch and benchmarks.
>Here is a benchmark of O(N*N) vs. O(N) for two C programs.  One does
>memmove; the other simply advances the pointer.

You should provide pybench numbers and probably also use the benchmarks
produced by the Unladen Swallow project.  The next step is to file a
patch on and request review.
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