how to list the attributes of a class, not an object?

Jan Kaliszewski zuo at
Sun Jan 24 16:56:42 CET 2010

24-01-2010, 16:28:26 Robert P. J. Day <rpjday at> wrote

>   once again, probably a trivial question but i googled and didn't
> get an obvious solution.  how to list the attributes of a *class*?


or more reliable:


(dir() uses __dir__ which can be implemented in any way, and default  
implementation, accordinto to the docs, "attempts to produce the most  
relevant, rather than complete, information").

>   eg., i was playing with dicts and noticed that the type returned by
> the keys() method was "dict_keys".  so i'm now curious as to the
> attributes of the dict_keys class.  but i don't know how to look at
> that without first *creating* such an instance, then asking for
> "dir(dk)".

Why you bother about creating an instance? Just do it:


or dir(type({}.keys()))
if dir() satisfies you.


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