Sikuli: the coolest Python project I have yet seen...

Carl Banks pavlovevidence at
Mon Jan 25 10:19:57 CET 2010

On Jan 24, 7:18 pm, Ron <ursusmaxi... at> wrote:
> Sikuli is the coolest Python project I have ever seen in my ten year
> hobbyist career. An MIT oepn source project, Sikuli uses Python to
> automate GUI tasks (in any GUI or GUI baed app that runs the JVM) by
> simply drag and dropping GUI elements into Python scripts as function
> arguments. Download at also did this
> podcast about Sikuli

Nice, thanks for the link.  Very happy to see people using Python for
cool stuff like this, also to see the alternate implementations in

And it couldn't come at a better time for me as I am trying to figure
out how to automate some GUI-only program I am forced to use at work.

Carl Banks

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