Sikuli: the coolest Python project I have yet seen...

Ron ursusmaximus at
Mon Jan 25 16:38:32 CET 2010

Thew link at MIT does appear to be down right now, but I presume it
will come back up.

Well, those of you who find it underwhelming are in good company. See
the blog post at Lambda the Ultimate

I was impressed though by the application to notify you when your bus
gets close to the pickup point, using Google maps, and by the app to
automatically chart a course to Houston from LA on I-10, again using
Google maps. And perhaps most of all, the app to notify you when your
sleeping baby wakes up, from a picture on a digital camera.

Hey, most of life is non-deterministic. I am in the analog engineering
world and simple, deterministic black and white situations are all
fine and useful, but I can see this very easy to use and simple
technology being useful also ;-))

All of the above apps are but a few lines of code.


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