list.pop(0) vs. collections.dequeue

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Steve Howell wrote:
> On Jan 24, 11:28 am, a... at (Aahz) wrote:
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>> Steve Howell  <showel... at> wrote:
>>> Even with realloc()'s brokenness, you could improve pop(0) in a way
>>> that does not impact list access at all, and the patch would not change
>>> the time complexity of any operation; it would just add negligible
>>> extract bookkeeping within list_resize() and a few other places.
>> Again, your responsibility is to provide a patch and a spectrum of
>> benchmarking tests to prove it.  Then you would still have to deal with
>> the objection that extensions use the list internals -- that might be an
>> okay sell given the effort otherwise required to port extensions to
>> Python 3, but that's not the way to bet.
> Ok, I just submitted a patch to python-dev that illustrates a 100x
> speedup on an admittedly artificial program.  It still has a long way
> to go, but it demonstrates proof of concept.  I'm done for the day,
> but tomorrow I will try to polish it up and improve it, even if its
> doomed for rejection.  Apologies to all I have offended in this
> thread.  I frankly found some of the pushback to be a bit hasty and
> disrespectful, but I certainly overreacted to some of the criticism.
> And now I'm in the awkward position of asking the people I offended to
> help me with the patch.  If anybody can offer me a hand in
> understanding some of CPython's internals, particularly with regard to
> memory management, it would be greatly appreciated.
> (Sorry I don't have a link to the python-dev posting; it is not
> showing up in the archives yet for some reason.)
Fortunately for you this is a very welcoming group, and particularly
responsive to individuals who have seen the error of their ways ;-)

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