Sikuli: the coolest Python project I have yet seen...

Ron ursusmaximus at
Tue Jan 26 21:24:48 CET 2010

On Jan 26, 10:59 am, CM <cmpyt... at> wrote:
> On Jan 24, 10:18 pm, Ron <ursusmaxi... at> wrote:
> > Sikuli is the coolest Python project I have ever seen in my ten year
> > hobbyist career. An MIT open source project, Sikuli uses Python to
> > automate GUI tasks (in any GUI or GUI based app that runs the JVM) by
> > simply drag and dropping GUI elements into Python scripts as function
> > Arguments. Download at did this
> > podcast about Sikuli
> How is this preferable to a macro recorder?

Well, the pattern recognition engine allows you to recognize partial
matches to any image, to any desired degree of accuracy. In other
words, you can specify to take action only when an exact match is
found, or else when a 50% match is found. This allows applications
like the baby monitor (to tell you when your  sleeping baby wakes up,
and the imminent bus arrival monitor (to tell you when your bus is
within one mile or any distance you want), and the route mapper from
one city to another on a digital map.

Another thing, Sikuli works with web pages. In other words, you can
automate interaction with web sites as well as with desktop

You can also automate the entry of text.

And it works (theoretically) on any graphical platform (Mac, Linux,
Window, smartphones, etc).

Probably other advantages. Those are just the ones I see off the top
of my head.

Good question.


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