python 3's adoption

Alf P. Steinbach alfps at
Wed Jan 27 03:12:37 CET 2010

* Steve Holden:
> [Off-list]
> alex23 wrote:
>> "Alf P. Steinbach" <al... at> wrote:
>>> Actually not, IMHO. All it does is is to provide incompatibility. They forgot
>>> Ronald Reagan's old maxim: if it don't need fixin', don't fix it.
>> [...]
>>> Probably there must have been some rationale, but to put it bluntly removing the
>>> comparator is more like moronic than pythonic.
>> So in both cases, you haven't put any effort into researching why
>> these decisions were made, but you're happy to jump to conclusions
>> about the intelligence of the implementer(s) while regularly trotting
>> out complaints of ad hominem attacks against yourself.
>> The saddest part of all is you seem to consider yourself some kind of
>> educator.
> <snort/> ;-)

Please don't post more noise and ad hominem attacks to the group, Steve.

- Alf

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