GUI-pyqt solution needed

Chirag Dhyani chiragdhyani at
Wed Jan 27 18:27:43 CET 2010


My sincere apologies if I am mailing in wrong list.

My mission:    I have to develop GUI based tool on python and will be using
PyQT with qtdesigner. I am automating creation of test script for call flows
just by drawing them from tool.

Challenges:     In this tool there will be a drawing area where I should
have to utility to create call flow by drag and droping the elements. I will
have a small database from which relevent piece of codes will be retrieved
during the execution time and the script will be retrieved.

I know that I will be quering the database based on cordinates so think that
cordinate programming will be the correct solution. However, can anybody
have idea for the ideal solution that can be?

Thank you in advance.
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