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Wed Jan 27 22:50:12 CET 2010

Christian Heimes <lists at> writes:

> John Nagle wrote:
> > 1.  Python 3 is supported by major Linux distributions.
> > 
> > 	FALSE - most distros are shipping with Python 2.4, or 2.5 at best.
> You are wrong. Modern versions of Debian / Ubuntu are using Python
> 2.6.

Only if by “modern” you mean “not released yet”.

The latest stable Debian (Debian 5.0, Lenny) has only Python 2.4 and
Python 2.5. It does not have Python 2.6 at all, and until this month
Python 2.6 was not even in the in-development suite of Debian.

Fortunately, Debian Squeeze now finally has added Python 2.6 (though
currently ‘python’ still uses Python 2.5). But Squeeze is currently a
long way from being released.

Python 3 is in the play-pen of Debian “unstable”, but only arrived this
week. It's even further from being released; it has to pass the filter
from “unstable” to “testing” before it gets consideration for that.

So I think your statement above is at least a mischaracterisation of the

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