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Thu Jan 28 00:03:12 CET 2010

Xah Lee <xahlee at> writes:

> Someone is badmouthing me, and it has been doing so over the years. I
> feel obliged to post a off topic relpy. See:
> • and A Incidence of Harassment

Dreamhost is not the only ISP that has agreed with me in the past
regarding your spamming. And yes, it's spamming if you copy paste an
article from your web site with the link to that site and cross post it
to as many groups as your Usenet provider allows for. Thank goodness
that GG has a limit on how many groups you can spam at a time.

Post to on-topic groups only, really on-topic groups, not as many as you
can select. And participate like you know do, and nobody will complain
about /how/ you post. And if you cross-post /set a follow-up-to/.

That's netiquette.

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