myths about python 3

Steven D'Aprano steven at
Thu Jan 28 01:19:24 CET 2010

On Wed, 27 Jan 2010 12:56:10 -0800, John Nagle wrote:

> Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I was going to write this post for a while because all sorts of myths
>> periodically come up on this list about python 3. I don't think the
>> posters mean to spread false information on purpose, they simply are
>> not aware of the facts.
>> My list is surely incomplete, please feel free to post your favorite
>> misconception about python 3 that people periodically state, claim or
>> ask about.
> Myths about Python 3:
> 1.  Python 3 is supported by major Linux distributions.
> 2.  Python 3 is supported by multiple Python implementations.
> 3.  Python 3 is supported by most 3rd party Python packages.

A myth actually needs to be believed by some sector of the population, 
even if a small one. (Isolated nut cases don't count.) Star Wars is not a 
myth, because nobody -- not even those wacky people who put down "Jedi" 
as their religion on census forms -- actually believes it is a 

I've never heard anyone claiming any of those three "myths". I conclude 
that you just made them up, that they are fictional claims rather than 
genuine myths mistakenly believed by some people. So, in that spirit, 
here are three more for your collection. Perhaps you could start a list 
on a website somewhere.

4. Python 3 will make you irresistible to women.

    FALSE - Python 3 coders are no more likely to get a date than any
    other programmer.

5. Python 3 programs cannot be buggy, no matter how poorly you code.

    FALSE - programs written in Python 3 can contain bugs.

6. The code for Python 3 was handed down to Guido from the Heavens, 
carved into stone tablets by the Gods themselves.

    FALSE - Python 3 was designed and written by fallible human beings,
    and consequently there is no guarantee that it will be perfect in 
    all ways for all purposes.

> That's the reality, Python 3 fanboys.

Speaks for itself.


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