Python Goldmine has been updated:

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Thu Jan 28 03:36:41 CET 2010

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Good news:

Site search has been fully implemented.

You can search the entire Python collection or a single chapter
related to specific context to find what you are looking for.

Bad news:

We are currently out of sync with google.
So, if you do a google search you might see a different article
than what google shows.

>Python Goldmine collection contains the extensive collection of articles
>going back several years. It includes thousands of code
>examples and expert discussions on all major topics.
>The information is organized by relevant topics, covered
>by the corresponding chapters.
>The information was filtered with sophisticated filters and vast
>majority of artilces with little relevance have been filtered out.
>If you have any specific requests for some new chapters to be added
>and it is of interest to others, please post your requests on this
>If anyone feels he has above average level of competence, or can
>reccommend someone who posts on this group, you may request to be
>included in the expert chapters.
>The Python Goldmine is at:

Programmer's Goldmine collections:

Tens of thousands of code examples and expert discussions on
C++, MFC, VC, ATL, STL, templates, Java, Python, Javascript, PHP,
organized by major topics of language, tools, methods, techniques.

All collections are fully searchable down to specific chapter.

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