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On Thursday 28 January 2010 08:11 AM, rantingrick wrote:
> On Jan 27, 5:31 pm, Jonathan Gardner<jgard... at>
> wrote:
>> To add to that, Python is the type of language where experienced
>> programmers can pick it up by reading code, and newbies won't get
>> hopelessly lost. I've taught less-than-formal introductory programming
>> classes to people who are new to programming. Python gets out of the
>> way, and allows you to focus on the programming concepts, such as
>> variable, functions, parameters, classes, and algorithms.
> Well said Jonathan!! Well said!! (both posts)

I share the same experience.
As pointed out in the "how to think like a computer scientist in Python" 
I found that when I was teaching first time programmers, Python was the 
best choice.

Not just the clean syntax but preciseness of the language itself was 
very helpful.
as I callit "get in get your work done and get out!" methodology works 
very well for absolute beginner students for programming.
new comers to this list might be happy to note that python reads very 
closely to spoken English.
But I want to add more.  while it is great tool for beginners, it is a 
power box for advanced users who have the attitude of "cut the crap off 
and come to the point" For such programmers python is extremly good,
I teach all types of students and now have convinced a few univercities 
here in India to include python in engineering curriculam.

Happy hacking.

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