Data exchange between Delphi and Python (Win)

Durumdara durumdara at
Thu Jan 28 09:07:00 CET 2010


I have an exotic db, with exotic drivers, and it have buggy  ODBC driver.

But I have native driver - under Delphi.

I need to access this DB under Pylons (or mod_python).

I wrote one solution that working with XML.
But I search for easier way to transform and move data between apps.

I saw Python for Delphi, but the installer is showing only Python 2.3 as
selectable engine.
I think to COM/OLE, because it is accessable from all program, and I think
to DLL (but DLL have problematic parameterisation).

The input data (what Delphi got) are SQL commands, and the output are the
rows (if got).

What do you thinking about it? Have anyone experience in this theme?

Thanks for it!
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