myths about python 3

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Thu Jan 28 09:11:31 CET 2010

Ben Finney, 27.01.2010 22:50:
> Christian Heimes writes:
>> John Nagle wrote:
>>> 1.  Python 3 is supported by major Linux distributions.
>>> 	FALSE - most distros are shipping with Python 2.4, or 2.5 at best.
>> You are wrong. Modern versions of Debian / Ubuntu are using Python
>> 2.6.
> Only if by “modern” you mean “not released yet”.
> The latest stable Debian (Debian 5.0, Lenny) has only Python 2.4 and
> Python 2.5. It does not have Python 2.6 at all, and until this month
> Python 2.6 was not even in the in-development suite of Debian.

'Stable Debian' has a long tradition of being late and outdated on arrival.
That doesn't mean you can't use existing Debian packages on it. And there
certainly are .deb packages available for Py3.1.1 - Ubuntu uses them, and
other Debian based distributions do, too.

And Ubuntu Karmic definitely uses Py2.6 as 'python'.


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