Library support for Python 3.x

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Thu Jan 28 13:41:47 CET 2010

>> I'm going to be starting some new Python projects in Python 2.6, but am
>> concerned that at least three of the libraries I will be
>> using--pycrypto, paramiko and feedparser--are not currently supported in
>> Python 3.x. The authors of these programs have not given any indication
>> that work is underway to support Python 3.x. Eventually I plan to
>> migrate to Python 3.x.
>     Maybe by 2015 or so, that might be feasible.  Wait until Python 3.x
> ships as standard with major Linux distros.  Right now, 2.4 or 2.5 is
> the production version of Python.

You keep repeating this nonsense even though it has been pointed out
to you in a neighbouring thread that many (most?) of the main linux
distros ship python 2.6 and not 2.5 or 2.4. For example Fedora 11 and
12 both ship python 2.6, others mentioned lots of other examples in
said other thread, anyone can look them up.


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