Great example of a python module/package following up to date conventions.

Big Stu stu.doherty at
Thu Jan 28 20:17:49 CET 2010

I'm hoping someone on here can point me to an example of a python
package that is a great example of how to put it all together.  I'm
hoping for example code that demonstrates:

-Strict adherence to PEP 8
-thorough use of Docstrings
-Conventional directory structure/package layout
-Appropriate use of the latest accepted coding guidelines in the
python community (e.g., new classes versus old classes, Python 3000
compatibility, newer language features, etc. etc.)
-Some amount of object oriented design

-Unit tests
-Logging mechanism

I can't imagine a package that's been around longer than a few years
will hit upon all these things well unless the maintainer went back
and did some serious refactoring and re-tooling.

Is this question possible to answer?

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