Great example of a python module/package following up to date conventions.

Big Stu stu.doherty at
Thu Jan 28 20:49:13 CET 2010

> Have you actually looked at any of the standard library?
> Jean-Paul

I'm looking at urllib2 right now and it is covering a bunch of the
bases I'm looking for.  And grepping in the /usr/lib/python2.5/ folder
for import statements on various things I'm interested in is bringing
up some good examples to check out as well.  Given that I'm still
fairly novice to this I'm not yet in the position to make a good
judgment on what is and isn't a good python practice so I was hoping
someone on here might be able to point at a module or 2 that has
really done a good job of following best practices.

Seems like a reasonable question with an answer that others in a
similar position to me might find useful.

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