Great example of a python module/package following up to date conventions.

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Josh Holland <jrh at> writes:

> On 2010-01-28, exarkun at <exarkun at> wrote:
> > Have you actually looked at any of the standard library?
> Not recently or in depth, no. I would have thought that it would be of
> high quality. I must have been mistaken.

Style conventions were introduced relatively late in the history of
Python (PEP 7, PEP 8, and PEP 257 were created in 2001).

The existing standard library code works as-is, so no particular effort
has gone into cleaning it up to retroactively conform. Also, existing
APIs in the standard library tend to be preserved as non-conformant (I'm
looking at you, ‘logging’ and ‘unittest’) rather than breaking existing
code by changing the API.

The end result is that there are huge swaths of the standard library
that do not adhere to the style conventions. It could even be argued
that part of the reason for introducing the official conventions was to
limit the scale of the damage already done.

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