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> ...

> On 1/28/2010 11:03 AM, Mitchell L Model wrote:
>> I have been working with Python 3 for over a year. ...
> I agree completely.

Such sweet words to read!

>> Conversion of old code is greatly facilitied by the 2to3 tool that  
>> comes
>> with Python 3. The big issue in moving from 2 to 3 is the external
>> libraries and development tools you use. Different IDEs have released
>> versions that support Python 3 at different times. (I believe Wing  
>> was
>> the first.) If you use numpy, for example, or one of the many  
>> libraries
>> that require it, you are stuck. Possibly some important facilities  
>> will
>> never be ported to Python 3, but probably most active projects will
>> eventually produce a Python 3 version -- for example, according to  
>> its
>> web page, a Python 3 version of PIL is on the way. I was able to  
>> cover
>> all the topics in my book using only Python library modules,  
>> something I
>> felt would be best for readers -- I used libraries such as  
>> elementree,
>> sqlite3, and tkinter. The only disappointment was that I couldn't
>> include a chapter on BioPython, since there is no Python 3 version.
>> By now, many large facilities support both Python 2 and Python 3. I  
>> am
>> currently building a complex GUI/Visualization application based on  
>> the
>> Python 3 version of PyQt4 and Wing IDE and am delighted with all of  
>> it.
>> It may well be that some very important large
> Something got clipped ;-)

Thanks for noticing. Actually, I had abandoned that sentence and went  
back and
added more to the prior paragraph. Just never went back and deleted  
the false start.

> Anyway, thank you for the report.

Glad to contribute; gladder to be appreciated.

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