Some C-API functions clear the error indicator?

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py2 at
Fri Jan 29 21:04:49 CET 2010

En Fri, 29 Jan 2010 11:37:09 -0300, Austin Bingham  
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> I've noticed that several (many?) python functions seem to clear the
> error/exception indicators when they're called from a C/C++ program.
> For example, both PyImport_ImportModule and traceback.extract_tb()
> (called via the function call methods) do this: if error indicators
> are set prior to their call (as indicated by PyErr_Fetch, and
> including a call to PyErr_Restore), I see that they are unset (using
> the same method) after the call. This happens even when the functions
> succeed.

It's simple: you have to check *every* function call for failure. Many  
functions return new object references and you have to properly decrement  
them in case of failure, so in most cases this means that you have to  
check each and every call.

Gabriel Genellina

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