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Fri Jan 29 19:34:17 CET 2010

On Jan 29, 1:04 pm, Adam Tauno Williams <awill... at>
> On Fri, 2010-01-29 at 09:25 -0800, jakecjacobson wrote:
> > I need to take a XML web resource and split it up into smaller XML
> > files.  I am able to retrieve the web resource but I can't find any
> > good XML examples.  I am just learning Python so forgive me if this
> > question has been answered many times in the past.
> > My resource is like:
> > <document>
> >      ...
> >      ...
> > </document>
> > <document>
> >      ...
> >      ...
> > </document>
> > So in this example, I would need to output 2 files with the contents
> > of each file what is between the open and close document tag.
> Do you want to parse the document or SaX?
> I have a SaX example at
> <>

Thanks but I am way over my head with XML, Python.  I am working with
DDMS and need to output the individual resource nodes to their own
file.  I hope that this helps and I need a good example and how to use

Here is what a resource node looks like:
        <ddms:identifier ddms:qualifier="URL" ddms:value="https://"/>
        <ddms:identifier ddms:qualifier="
ns/MDR/1.0/MDR.owl#GovernanceNamespace" ddms:value="TBD"/>
        <ddms:identifier ddms:qualifier="Version" ddms:value="1.0"/>
        <ddms:title ICISM:ownerProducer="USA"
ICISM:classification="U">Sample Taxonomy</ddms:title>
        <ddms:description ICISM:ownerProducer="USA"
          This is a sample taxonomy created for the Help page.
        <ddms:dates ddms:posted="2007-11-24"/>
        <ddms:creator ICISM:ownerProducer="USA"
            <ddms:affiliation>FGM, Inc.</ddms:affiliation>
            <ddms:email>sampleDeveloper at</ddms:email>
        <ddms:security ICISM:ownerProducer="USA"
ICISM:classification="U" ICISM:nonICmarkings="DIST_STMT_A" />
        <!-- Other DDMS elements may appear here. -->

You can see the DDMS site at

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