Microsoft Office Word and Python (Win XP)

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peskar.miha at wrote:
> 21 days has passed and still noone is willing to help :-(

Y'know, the Internet isn't a magic lantern. Perhaps you need to ask your
question differently, or provide more information. Maybe there's
something *you* could do to help you get closer to the answer to *your*

Read the question at the time, don't remember having much to contribute
right then. But you lucked out today: it's Saturday morning and I am at
home in my family room, and it's snowing outside. Hey, at least you do
know already that people will respond to your questions.

Look for a (second-hand?) copy of Andy Robinson's and Mark Hammond's
"Python Programming on Win32", which taught me a lot about COM I have
thankfully since been able to forget. Go to Microsoft channels for
details of the Office object models, and good luck with that (the
quality and quantity of that used to be something of a movable feast,
though I imagine things have improved since).

You might also ask yourself whether IronPython and the .NET interfaces
aren't a better and more modern way of controlling Microsoft products.
The .NET documentation is pretty well organized and complete, I believe.

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