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On 1/30/2010 11:47 PM, Christian Heimes wrote:
> Blog wrote:
>> WTF? Where'd you hear about version 2.8? FRI, 2.7 is and will be THE
>> LAST version of the 2.x series - "the" End-Of-Life for Python 2
> Where do you get your information from? Your answer is the first that
> clearly marks the end of lifetime for the 2.x series. I didn't know that
> and I'm a Python core dev as well as a PSF member ... *scnr*
> Christian

Well, here's what the Python 2.7 alpha 2 (January 9th, 2010) release 
note says:

"Python 2.7 is scheduled to be the last major version in the 2.x series 
before it moves into 5 years of bugfix-only mode. This release contains 
many of the features that were first released in Python 3.1..."


Here are some more resources:

"Python 2 nears end of life"

"Python 2.7, expected to be the last major version of the 2.x series of 
the dynamic language, was released as a second alpha earlier month by 
the Python Software Foundation, with the final release set for June.

When 2.7 is released, the 2.x line will move into five years of a bug 
fix-only mode."

"2.7's the end of the line. There was some discussion around the release 
of 2.6 as to how far the 2.x series should go, and the conclusion which 
came out of it was that 2.7 is it. Beyond this, the world is 3.x (which, 
given the time it takes OS distributors to catch up -- most are still on 
2.5 -- is about right with the projected time frame for most projects to 

"Let’s also account for the fact that, as of this writing, Python 2.7 
(scheduled for next year) is *intended* to be the End of Life release of 
the Python 2.x syntax – Python 3 being the next evolutionary step."

Of course, this isn't written in stone - there may very well be another 
version after 2.7. However, at this instant, it does look like 2.7 will 
be the veritable last version.

Best regards.

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