Microsoft Office Word and Python (Win XP)

Dave Angel davea at
Sun Jan 31 03:24:29 CET 2010

peskar.miha at wrote:
> 21 days has passed and still noone is willing to help :-(
ch /willing/able/

I wouldn't say no-one, even then, since there were at least 10 messages 
in the thread on the 19th and 20th.  Presumably they weren't all from you.

If you were doing this to text files, I would have been happy to help.  
But interacting with MS Word isn't easy, and I don't know how.  If 
you're a beginner as you stated, you need to pick an easier first task.

If you're determined to do it, best advice I could give is to head over 
to the python-Win32 mailing list.  At least they're used to dealing with 
COM, and other MS-specific stuff.


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