Albert Hopkins marduk at
Mon Mar 1 13:14:19 CET 2010

On Mon, 2010-03-01 at 02:48 -0800, luca72 wrote:
> Sorry for my stupid question if i have to load module from a folder i
> have to append it to the sys path the folder?
> ex:
> if my  folder module is  /home/lucak904/Scrivania/Luca/enigma2
> i do this :
> import sys
> sys.path.append('/home/lucak904/Scrivania/Luca/enigma2')
> If this is correct why when i write:
> form enigma2 import *
> i get no module named enigma2

There are two reasons for this:

     1. enigma2 is not in your namespace.  What's inside enigma is.  For
        example, you can't say "from site-packages import *"  because
        Python doesn't look at "site-packages". It looks at what's
        inside site-packages.  If you wanted" enigma2" to be in your
        namespace, you should add /home/lucak904/Scrivania/Luca" to your
        system path.
     2. Even if you did above, it may not work because enigma2 is a
        directory. Remember "from x import *" only works for modules and
        packages, so if you want "enigma2" to be a package, remember to
        add an (empty) to the directory.

Hope this helps.

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