How to use python to register a service (an existing .exe file)

coldpizza vriolk at
Tue Mar 2 14:12:37 CET 2010

instsrv.exe does not come with Windows by default, but I guess it
should be possible to add a service using the win32 built-in `sc`
command line tool.

Try `sc create` from a console.

The app you want to install as a service will still have to be
compliant with the win32 service interface, otherwise it will throw an
error, although the app will still be started.

On Feb 16, 2:10 am, News123 <news... at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a python way to register new windows services.
> I am aware of the
> instsrv.exe program, which can be used to install services.
> I could use subprocess.Popen to call
> instsrv.exe "service_name" program.exe
> but wondered, whether there's already an existing function.
> Thans in advance and bye
> N

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