Adding to a module's __dict__?

Roy Smith roy at
Tue Mar 2 16:19:56 CET 2010

On Mar 2, 8:33 am, Steve Holden <st... at> wrote:

> And how important is it to make sure that whatever data your program
> processes doesn't overwrite the actual variable names you want to use to
> program the processing?

Oh, I see what you're saying.  You're thinking I was going to machine-
process the C header file and pattern-match the #define statements?
Actually, I was just hand-copying the values, and was looking for a
way to reduce typing.

But, I suppose if I were to machine-process the header files, that
would be a concern.  I suppose in that case I would make sure I only
inserted variables which matched a particular pattern (ie, "[A-Z]+_[A-
Z][A-Z0-9]+").  In fact, now that you got me thinking in that

Somewhat sadly, in my case, I can't even machine process the header
file.  I don't, strictly speaking, have a header file.  What I have is
a PDF which documents what's in the header file, and I'm manually re-
typing the data out of that.  Sigh.

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