Image.frombuffer and warning

News123 news123 at
Wed Mar 3 01:30:26 CET 2010


I am using the PIL function from_buffer in python 2.6.4

I am having the line
im2 = Image.frombuffer('L',(wx,wy),buf)

I receive the warning:
> ./ RuntimeWarning: the frombuffer defaults may change in
a future release; for portability, change the call to read:
>   frombuffer(mode, size, data, 'raw', mode, 0, 1)
>   im2 = Image.frombuffer('L',(wx,wy),buf)

Naively I assumed, that changing my code to

im2 = Image.frombuffer('L',(wx,wy),buf,'raw','L',0,1)

should fix the issue:

However I receive exactly the same error as before.

What am I doing wrong?

thanks a lot in advance and bye


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