Interest check in some delicious syntactic sugar for "except:pass"

Oren Elrad orenelrad at
Wed Mar 3 10:27:16 CET 2010

Howdy all, longtime appreciative user, first time mailer-inner.

I'm wondering if there is any support (tepid better than none) for the
following syntactic sugar:

........ block



The logic here is that there are a ton of "except: pass" statements[1]
floating around in code that do not need to be there. Meanwhile, the
potential keyword 'silence' does not appear to be in significant use
as a variable[2], or an alternative keyword might be imagined
('quiet', 'hush', 'stfu') but I somewhat like the verbiness of
'silence' since that is precisely what it does to the block (that is,
you have to inflect it as a verb, not a noun -- you are telling the
block to be silent). Finally, since this is the purest form of
syntactic sugar, I cannot fathom any parsing, interpreting or other
complications that would arise.

I appreciate any feedback, including frank statements that you'd
rather not trifle with such nonsense.



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