Method / Functions - What are the differences?

John Posner jjposner at
Thu Mar 4 14:35:05 CET 2010

On 3/4/2010 5:59 AM, Bruno Desthuilliers wrote:
>> I have two small ideas for improvement: - Swap the first two
>> paragraphs. First say what it is, and then give the motivation.
> Mmm... As far as I'm concerned, I like it the way its. John ?

I think it doesn't make very much difference. But in the end, I believe 
it's the student, not the teacher, who gets to decide what's comprehensible.

What *does* make a difference, IMHO, is getting more people to 
participate in the process of shining lights into Python's darker 
corners. That's why I encouraged (and still encourage) Eike to roll up 
the sleeves and wade into these waters.

Metaphor-mixingly yours,

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