NoSQL Movement?

ccc31807 cartercc at
Thu Mar 4 15:21:49 CET 2010

On Mar 3, 4:55 pm, toby <t... at> wrote:
> >  where you have to store data and
> "relational data"

Data is neither relational nor unrelational. Data is data.
Relationships are an artifact, something we impose on the data.
Relations are for human convenience, not something inherent in the
data itself.

> > perform a large number of queries.
> Why does the number matter?

Have you ever had to make a large number of queries to an XML
database? In some ways, an XML database is the counterpart to a
relational database in that the data descriptions constitute the
relations. However, since the search is to the XML elements, and you
can't construct indicies for XML databases in the same way you can
with relational databases, a large search can take much longer that
you might expect.


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