_winreg and access registry settings of another user

News123 news123 at free.fr
Thu Mar 4 22:24:59 CET 2010


I habe administrator privilege  on a window host and would like to write
a script setting some registry entries for other users.

There are potentially at least two wo ways of doing this:

1.) start a subprocess as other user and change the regitrey for

However I don't know how to start a process (or ideally just a thread)
as another user with python.

2.) Load the 'hive' of the othe user and chnage the registry.

It seems, that one has to load the 'hive' of a different user in order
to have access to somebody eleses registry entries.

I did not find any documetnation of how to load a 'hive' wit the library
_winreg or another python library/

Did anybody else try already something similiar?

thanks in advance for pointers



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