indentation error

asit lipun4u at
Fri Mar 5 09:04:13 CET 2010

Consider the following code

import stat, sys, os, string, commands

    pattern = raw_input("Enter the file pattern to search for :\n")
    commandString = "find " + pattern
    commandOutput = commands.getoutput(commandString)
    findResults = string.split(commandOutput, "\n")
    print "Files : "
    print commandOutput
    print "============================="
    for file in findResults:
        mode = stat.S_IMODE(os.lstat(file)[stat.ST_MODE])
        print "\nPermissions for file", file, ":"
        for level in "USR", "GRP", "OTH":
            for perm in "R", "W", "X":
                if mode & getattr(stat,"S_I"+perm+level):
                    print level, " has ", perm, " permission"
                    print level, " does NOT have ", perm, "
    print "There was a problem - check the message above"

According to me, indentation is ok. but the python interpreter gives
an indentation error

[asit ~/py] $ python
  File "", line 7
    findResults = string.split(commandOutput, "\n")
IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level

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