Asynchronous HTTP client

exarkun at exarkun at
Sun Mar 7 14:16:04 CET 2010

On 06:53 am, ping.nsr.yeh at wrote:
>I'm trying to find a way to create an asynchronous HTTP client so I
>can get responses from web servers in a way like
>  async_http_open('', callback_func)
>  # immediately continues, and callback_func is called with response
>as arg when it is ready
>It seems twisted can do it, but I hesitate to bring in such a big
>package as a dependency because my client should be light. Asyncore
>and asynchat are lighter but they don't speak HTTP. The asynchttp
>project on sourceforge is a fusion between asynchat and httplib, but
>it hasn't been updated since 2001 and is seriously out of sync with

Why should it be "light"?  In what way would using Twisted cause 
problems for you?


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