running a program on many processors

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Mon Mar 8 01:28:48 CET 2010

Am 08.03.10 01:18, schrieb Paweł Banyś:
> Hello,
> I have already read about Python and multiprocessing which allows using
> many processors. The idea is to split a program into separate tasks and
> run each of them on a separate processor. However I want to run a Python
> program doing a single simple task on many processors so that their
> cumulative power is available to the program as if there was one huge
> CPU instead of many separate ones. Is it possible? How can it be achieved?

That's impossible to answer without knowing anything about your actual 
task. Not everything is parallelizable, or algorithms suffer from 
penalties if parallelization is overdone.

So in essence, what you've read already covers it: if your "simple task" 
is dividable in several, independent sub-tasks that don't need 
serialization, multiprocessing is your friend.


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