running a program on many processors

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Mon Mar 8 10:26:58 CET 2010

On Mar 8, 1:18 am, Paweł Banyś < at synabp.reverse_the_string>
> Hello,
> I have already read about Python and multiprocessing which allows using
> many processors. The idea is to split a program into separate tasks and
> run each of them on a separate processor. However I want to run a Python
> program doing a single simple task on many processors so that their
> cumulative power is available to the program as if there was one huge
> CPU instead of many separate ones. Is it possible? How can it be achieved?
> Best regards,
> Paweł

I can suggest you to try some .NET language (like c#, Boo <-- python-
like, or maybe even IronPython). Reason is that .NET languages do
analyze the code and split them into logical parts that run across

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