NoSQL Movement?

Duncan Booth duncan.booth at invalid.invalid
Mon Mar 8 20:14:37 CET 2010

Xah Lee <xahlee at> wrote:

> For example, consider, if you are within world's top 100th user of
> database in terms of database size, such as Google, then it may be
> that the off-the-shelf tools may be limiting. But how many users
> really have such massive size of data?

You've totally missed the point. It isn't the size of the data you have 
today that matters, it's the size of data you could have in several years' 

Maybe today you've got 10 users each with 10 megabytes of data, but you're 
aspiring to become the next twitter/facebook or whatever. It's a bit late 
as you approach 100 million users (and a petabyte of data) to discover that 
your system isn't scalable: scalability needs to be built in from day one.

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