Queue peek?

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Tue Mar 9 02:47:58 CET 2010

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Veloz  <michaelveloz at gmail.com> wrote:
>The "peek" parts comes in when the user comes back later to see if
>their report has done. That is, in my page controller logic, I'd like
>to look through the complete queue and see if the specific report has
>been finished (I could tell by matching up the ID of the original
>request to the ID in the completed queue). If there was an item in the
>queue matching the ID, it would be removed.

Here's the question: what happens when the user refreshes the "report
done" page?  The problem with the way you're doing it is that checking
for report done is a one-shot operation.  You probably want to use a
database to cache this and have some kind of cache expiration.
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