Choosing a collection of common modules/packages for a general purpose reusable PY2EXE runtime

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Tue Mar 9 15:09:01 CET 2010

We've decided to build a re-usable *general purpose* PY2EXE
"runtime" that can be shared by a number of scripts vs.
distributing a monolithic EXE for each of our scripts.

A list of the Python 2.6.4 compatible modules/packages we decided
to include (and exclude) in our "runtime" follows my signature.

Any suggestions on additions or deletions appreciated.


3rd party modules/packages:
- jsonpickle
- win32api
- winshell

We've included all modules from the Python standard library
EXCEPT the following:
- aifc
- audioop
- bsddb
- Carbon
- dbhash
- distutils
- dumbdbm
- netrc
- plistlib
- robotparser
- ScrolledText
- shelve
- sunau
- tabnanny
- Tix
- Tkinter
- turtle
- whichdb
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