odd error

Alex Hall mehgcap at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 14:55:39 CET 2010

Hi all,
In the same program I wrote about yesterday, I have a dictionary of
keystrokes which are captured. I just tried adding a new one, bringing
the total to 11. Here are entries 10 and 11; 10 has been working fine
for months.

  10 : (57, win32con.MOD_CONTROL),
  11 : (99, win32con.MOD_CONTROL | win32con.MOD_SHIFT)

Now, though, when I press ctrl-shift-c (keystroke 11), nothing
happens. Pressing any other keystroke after that will crash the
program with some sort of Python internal com server exception that I
have never seen before. When set to a keystroke I already use, such as
#10, the function called by #11 works just fine. Does anyone see a
problem with the above syntax? The trouble almost definitely has to be
there; again, using an already-working keystroke instead of making a
new one works perfectly, it is just when I add this new one that
things break.

Have a great day,
Alex (msg sent from GMail website)
mehgcap at gmail.com; http://www.facebook.com/mehgcap

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