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Alex Hall mehgcap at gmail.com
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I know ctrl-c kills a process in the shell, but these are global
hotkeys and all others work fine. You made me discover something,
though: the error only happens if ctrl-shift-c is pressed when in the
shell from where the program was run; when pressed anywhere else, the
keystroke does nothing at all. Is there something I am missing about
these keystroke dictionaries? It seems like they do not work unless
the keycodes are in numerical order and are not separated by more than
one number. Currently, my dictionary consists of the numbers 1-0 on
the top of the keyboard, but adding any other keycode, like the 99 in
my original message, will cause that keystroke to do absolutely
nothing. Thanks to your response, I suspect the problem is something
to do with the keypress being captured by the shell. Still, not being
able to use anything except numbers is very annoying!! Why would this
be happening?

On 3/9/10, Ulrich Eckhardt <eckhardt at satorlaser.com> wrote:
> Alex Hall wrote:
>> Now, though, when I press ctrl-shift-c (keystroke 11), nothing
>> happens.
> Control-C sends a special signal to the console, like Control-Break.
>> Pressing any other keystroke after that will crash the program
>> with some sort of Python internal com server exception that I
>> have never seen before.
> Neither do I, in particular since you don't share that rare gem with us. ;)
> Uli
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