Can't define __call__ within __init__?

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Wed Mar 10 21:06:34 CET 2010

On 2010-03-10 13:42 PM, Neal Becker wrote:
> Duncan Booth wrote:
>> Neal Becker<ndbecker2 at>  wrote:
>>> Duncan Booth wrote:
>>> ...
>>>> P.S. I don't know what you did in your post but your Followup-To
>>>> header is pointing to a group on gmane which makes extra work for me
>>>> replying. Please don't do that.
>>> I'm sorry about that, there is some bad interaction between gmane's
>>> nntp- smtp gateway and python's mail list.  I don't know what to do
>>> about it.  I think the problem only happens on python's mail list
>>> (I've never seen it reported on any of the MANY other lists I use via
>>> gmane).
>> Are the other mailing lists gatewayed from Usenet? It may not matter if
>> there's a followup-to header on a mailing list, it probably just gets
>> ignored, but it does matter on Usenet (which after all is what Gmane is
>> emulating).
> For the record, it isn't really gatewayed to usenet - it's just allowing you
> to read your favorite ML via nntp - which is MUCH more sensible than
> actually having all that mail delivered personally to you, if you read a lot
> of lists.

python-list is also gatewayed to the real USENET group comp.lang.python in 
addition to its GMane gateway. Duncan is reading comp.lang.python from a real 
USENET server, not via python-list through his email client. Most of the other 
lists you read via GMane aren't gatewayed to the real USENET, so your 
Followup-To header never caused a problem for anyone else.

Robert Kern

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