logging: local functions ==> loss of lineno

Hellmut Weber mail at hellmutweber.de
Wed Mar 10 22:23:18 CET 2010

Hi Vinay Sajip,
I'm very glad discoverd your logging module ;-)
(That's what I would have liked 25 years ago when I was working as a 
technical software developper!)

Now I'm writing just some personal tools, I like python and want to use 
logging on a regular basis.

Logging works very well giving the filename and line number of the point 
where it is called. As long as I use the loggers directly.
BUT when I have to wrap the logger call in some other function, I always 
get file name and line number of the call of the logger inside the 
wrapping function.

Is there a possibility to get this information in this situation too?



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